As a little girl I always dreamed of what I would become. An adventurer, a humanitarian, a teacher, a Mother…the list changed and evolved every year I grew older. I would like to think I have become a mix of all those desires in different proportions throughout the years. I am a Mother of 3, a wife to one, and a Social Worker to many. I have three adventurous boys who teach me something new daily. I love every sticky, booger picking moment of being a mom. I am the wife to an amazingly handsome man who supports me in everything that I do. He truly cherishes me and loves our family with every fiber in his being. Career wise I am a Social Worker and dedicate myself to trying to serve and impact those around me. My faith, my passion for health, and my desire to love  are some of my rooting values in my life.

My Life in a Moment.


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