Introduction Into Our Backyard Chickens

I get questions all the time about our backyard feather friends so thought I would bridge everyone’s curiousity and give you guys a look into our chicken raising world!

For starters our chickens are truly a part of our family.  They not only provide us with delicious eggs and companionship but they have become a true part of our family crew.  They have names, they get treats, we hold them, and we make sure they are healthy and happy!  Any chicken owner will tell you that each chicken has their own personality.  I will introduce you to ours in just a bit!  🙂

Before you get started in backyard chicken raising do your research!  Find out what your city zoning laws are in regards to owning poultry.  Some areas have restrictions on the number of flock you can have as well as restrictions on owning roosters.

Once you have idnetified your cities zoning restrictions identify the number of chickens you are wnating in your flock.  From everyone we have talked to and from everything we have read it is best to have a flock in even numbers.  Pecking order is a real thing! It is recommended that each chicken have at least 4 square feet within the enclosed coop.  Keep this in mind as you are identifying how many chickens you want in your flock.  We originally started with 4 chickens but are currently in the process of introducing 4 more into our flock.  I will save that for a different post as introducing new chicks is a whole process in itself!

Build your coop!  I have been blessed with a very crafty husband who loves building so he made our coop.  If you want more details in regards to coop construction and how to keep predetars abay let me know and I will post more details.  Premade coops can also be purchased online or from local feed stores.  I have seen some amazing ones!  For your viewing pleasure…

2017-02-25 13.10.10 (1)

Coop Building at its Finest.

2017-04-22 11.21.40 (1)

If you are not zoned for or not wanting to have a rooster than have a plan in place prior to purchasing your chicks.  While most places that you get your chicks from will do their best to “sex” the chicks before your purchase this is still very difficult when they are very young.  Do your research and identify somewhere that will take your rooster if you happen to get one.  This happened to us so trust me it is more common than you think!  We loved our little rooster but unfortunately due to zoning couldn’t have him.  We thankfully were able to find a wonderful woman to give our strapping young lad to so that he could live a happy and healthy life!  So again, just have a plan in place in case you run into this situation.


Meet Our Girls

Introducing Lottie:

Lottie is a Buff Oprtington and is as sweet as pie. 🙂  She loves her veggie scraps for treats and digging for bugs!  chicken

Introducing Olga:

Olga is  a Buff Orpington and loves to be snuggled.  She clucks as you walk past her hoping that you will stop to give her some loving and maybe sneak her something yummy to eat!


Introducing Maude:

Maude is Plymouth Barred Rock.  She is a special chicken that we hold close to our hearts.  She was born spayed leg so she could not walk well as a chick.  It was recommended that we put her down as she would never be able to fully function as an adult chicken nor would she probably survive.  Well, after months of bandaging her legs and putting them in make shift braces we couldn’t bare to let her go.  She is a fighter for sure!  One of her legs is completely unable to accomodate any weight so she regularly stands on one leg (similiar to a flamingo).  She uses her spare leg to support herself by hooking her nail and toes into different objects to assist with her walking ability.  It is incredible to see.  She just recently started laying.  She is unable to get up to the nesting boxes as quickly and easily as the other girls so she created her own “nesting” area in a portion of the run.  She is a spectacular little lady.


Introducing the new chicks!  Meet Henrietta, Tillie, and Esme.

Esme and Tilly are Easter Eggers and Henrietta is a Wellsummer.  All are just over 1 week old.

And last but not least!  Our Silkie chick…yet to be named (the boys keep calling her the fluffy chick).  She is about 3 weeks old and as sweet as can be!


I will keep everyone updated on our new little chicks and how it goes introducing them to the big girls when its time!




*Please know I am not a chicken expert.  Any information shared is that in which has worked for us personally and our flock.

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