365 Days of Adventure

Whitaker Turned One!  Where in the world does time go?  I feel like yesterday I was a nice round, overdue, pregnant woman begging for our mystery baby to come out.

Flashback for your viewing pleasure…


Hello 41 weeks!  

And BAM. Just like that this amazing little boy was here.  Out of my 3 pregnancies this was the only one that we chose not to know the sex and also to have a natural child birth.  I recommend both if at all possible!  🙂



Which, brings me back to this little man’s 1st Birthday.  O.N.E.  SAY WHAT?!?!  His Brother’s proudly keep saying Whitaker is no longer zero.  What a blessing and what an adventure it has been with 3 wild and crazy boys.  I wouldn’t change it for the world!

We celebrated Whitaker’s 1st Birthday with a 365 Days of Adventure Theme!  Every day has been a day of learning and a day of adventure with this little man!  He is full of smiles and is the most laid back kid.

We finally were able to make use of our backyard. All of the planting has been worth it!



365 days


I was given this amazing high chair that I was able to refurbish in my favorite mustard yellow!  So much love!



whit and steve

Whit Birthday Cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet boy!  Here is to another year of adventure and love!

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