Oil Face Cleansing

I have had a few people ask me about my typical skincare routine and after a bunch of trial and error I wanted to share some of my favorite products.  While I am most defifnitely not a skincare expert I have tried several products and this is the routine that works best for me.

For my day to day cleanser I use good ol’ Coconut Oil.  Cleansing your face with oil?!  Seems like a crazy concept.  Adding a substance that we typically view as dirty onto our skin for cleansing purposes seems a bit ironic.  However, I love. love. love it!

Slather it on and then wipe it off with a warm wash cloth.  Your skin will feel a little bit slimy while it is on but once it is washed off and your skin has time to dry out it will feel extremely hydrated!

For days when my face is feeling extra, extra dirty or I just want a variety I use the below.  It smells fantastic and a tiny drop goes a long way.  One bottle typically lasts me months .

DSC_0007 (3)

Next, Toner.  Or AKA love of my life.  This has been my stand by toner for a few years now.  It is alcohol-free and very gentle.  I’ve used toners before that make me feel like my face is burning off.  Soo…if you want gentle and fabulous this is for you!


Lastly, we all need a little moisture in the world!  I use grapeseed oil (yes more oil).  Keep the wrinkles away, or well that’s at least what I tell myself!  Don’t go crazy with this stuff…literally a tiny few drops will cover your entire face.  You will look a little shiny after but it’s well worth it.


With all the crazy elements in the world skincare should be simple as well as natural.  Keep the toxins away and keep it simple.  Your skin will love you for it. 🙂

Hope everyone enjoyed!  All products can be purchased online!


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