New Year’s Resolutions

I know many find New Year’s Resolutions silly or redundant.  And some to be fair are. While I do believe we should be challenging ourselves throughout the year to bettering our lives I also believe that the New Year’s Holiday is a time of reflection.

Instead of my typical “I am going to clean my baseboards monthly” resolutions this year I dedicated true time for myself and my husband to make goals for ourselves and for our family.

From sun up to sun down our household is a hustle and bustle.  From the routine of kids, work and trying to manage a household we don’t have much time to smell the roses.  When I was growing up no matter how busy we all were my parents made it a priority for us to sit, eat, and talk together.  No matter how old we were ou what was for dinner we made time to be together.

Somewhere amongst the busyness of life I got away from this with my own kids. Typically dinner is stuck in between work phone calls, folding laundry, helping with homework and making school lunches for the next day.  I usually clear a spot amongst the madness of paperwork at the table and plop down my kids dinner. While they are eating and occupied for a minute I typically can be found running around trying to clean-up or figure out what day I was scheduled to bring in “snack” for the preschool.  By the time I eat it’s usually me being a human garbage disposal for the leftovers on my 3yr. olds plate.  Can anyone relate?!

DSC_1190 (2)

My husband handmade our beautiful dining room table.  He humors me and my infatuation for Pinterest.  I found the base at a warehouse shop for damaged furniture and fell in love.  He took the damaged table top off and hand built a new one with a matching bench.  A piece of furniture made with such love should be used with love. So, this year…no more cold noodles for mama at the dinner table.  Our New Year’s Resolution as a family is to SIT.  No phones, no distractions, and no clutter.  Our table is a place for eating and spending time together.

My kids are growing up quicker than I ever imagined.  Amongst all the “mommy fails” I have with forgetting “wear color yellow” to school day and buying “skim-milk cheese sticks” which my son claims were so nasty that they made him throw-up at school…(that’s an entire post itself)…I hope that I can have a Mommy win with this resolution and instill a lifelong memory for my kids.


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  1. Sharon says:

    This brought me back to my childhood ( actually entire time I lived at home with my parents ) dinner time was promptly at 6:00 & the phone was not answered while we were gathered at the table .

    • jenniferelaine says:

      Us too! No matter if it was just pizza or taco night we helped set the table, ate together, and then cleaned up together.

  2. Tim Chesney says:

    Great job, Jennifer! Keep up the writing and enjoy time with those little ones.

  3. Jennifer Jackson says:

    Love this so much! I was raised the same way and am so grateful for the togetherness and memories! Keep writing girl! Miss you and our carefree IWU days😘

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